The Deco Stop in the Hotel Rancho Luna


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If you are a diver you probably know about the importance of decompression stops. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about I will give a brief explanation. When we spend time on the beach in Cuba we are at the surface pressure of 1 BAR but then we go diving and while under the water the pressure increases forcing nitrogen which is part of the gas we breathe and is not metabolized into our body. In order to avoid any problems related to the gas absorption we need to slow down during ascent and stop at different depths to allow the gas to escape from our body. Those stops are Deco stops, short for decompression stops. While on the surface we divers still maintain elevated level of nitrogen in our system which is dropping to the normal level after some time on the surface. After day of diving divers like to hang and enjoy the surface interval together, planning the next day dives and share the experiences they encounter on their recent dives. Most of the time this place is the local watering hole where we can hydrate which is also important part to avoid any pressure related problems. During the last two dive camps in Rancho Luna the divers seemed to fancy one BAR (pressure on the surface ) which is located on the right side of the swimming pool when you face the sea. The Bar was called Brisa Luna but due to divers take over of this particular bar we decided to approach the management and get permission to rename it . Our request was approved so we asked one of our talented team member Yoel De La Paz to design and make a sign to be ready for the opening of Deco Bar during the first week of our winter dive camp starting January 21. We still have couple spots available on the plane if you like to join us for some great diving and opening of our own diving bar at Rancho Luna Hotel.


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