The beauty of slowing down on the dive


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The scuba diving in my opinion is one of the most rewarding activities you can do, regardless of your age. When you are young and full of energy you can take this sport to the extreme but when you are older and wiser you will get even more when you slow down. How is that ???

When you propel yourself with one stroke of fin you will glide several feet under the water , looking around and seeing the bigger fish , coral heads and overall landscape of the sea. But when you stop and really look and concentrate you will discover entire world of wonderful life that you never noticed before. During most of my trips while leading groups of divers on their underwater adventures I utilized Go Pro video camera to capture their activities. What I was missing in my videos is the small stuff yet so important and beautiful. Recently I decided to buy another camera which is able to zoom and capture the smallest and beautiful stuff in the sea. Although I am new at photography I managed to take some decent images which I want to share with you. I also took part in the Fotosub 2021 , international photography contest organized by Faro Luna Dive Center which gave me an opportunity to share experience with great underwater photographers.

The camera I was using is Olympus TG-6 , with Kraken Housing and Big Blue 18000 lumens video light.

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