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Divers looking over the remains of the English cable during our spring dive camp .

In the second half of 19th century, the company of English origin has laid the essential cable at that time to establish the most expeditious and innovative means of communication between several countries of the world.

Cienfuegos, due to its economic relevance, hosted one of its terminals in Cuba. One of the cables that reached the city came from Batabanó and continued to Manzanillo. Another cable linked Cienfuegos with Santiago de Cuba from where it continued to Haiti and Jamaica and from those countries to the rest of the world.

During the Spanish-Cuban-American War, it was the only means of communication with the outside world and hence its strategic importance. That is why the US Navy cut its lines to increase the isolation of the Spanish forces on the island.

It is said that after it was restored, it was operational until 1975, although with systems and equipment that were already totally obsolete at that time.

Once its useful life has ended, the cable has been colonized by marine life showing  colonies of Coral and Gorgonians that grow on it, many times suspended over the abyss, the remains of this engineering work that has been integrated into the ecosystem can be seen in several dive sites of the FARO LUNA DIVING CENTER .

We have scuba diving trips to Cuba scheduled every month 12 months of the year. You can join us from any province of Canada or any part of the world for different duration , anywhere from three days to three weeks long scuba diving camps. If you can’t find the date which suits you just send us the message and we will accommodate you so you get the best diving experience you can have in Cuba.

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