Special week for Valentine’s Day: making memories for life ❤


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Dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin: Scientists call them “chemicals of happiness” and your body can produce it all by itself, just doing what you like and what makes you feel good: to laugh, to celebrate success, practice sports and outdoor activities, to dance and to dive.

You can have it all, all you need is to join us for a week, or more if you prefer, also we added adrenalin to make you experience more exciting .

Join us for the week of Valentine’s Day (Feb 11th till Feb 18th) for a group dive trip and make memories, live unforgettable experiences that will be doing your life more interesting.

Why this week is different?
Get an excursion to dive in Villa Guajimico
Enjoy sunsets and live music at Club Cienfuegos
Get a free immersion for couples in the second dive on February 14th.

Let’s celebrate what gives meaning to our lives

Danielle LeBlanc and Arthur Verway

After 2 years living in pandemic, is time to go out and face the world, this time with more passion, doing all you love, seeing everything with a distinct perspective, now more positive and focus on live your life.
Do what you love
Remember that all you’ll take out of this life is your experience.


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