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I was born and raised in a coastal town of Cuba near beaches and fishermen. As a child, I really liked going to the beach, like almost all children, and I did it almost every weekend with my sister and my cousins. A great childhood! It seems that by having so much fun, I forgot to learn to swim… Yes, I didn’t know how to swim.

My father, a lover of the sea and fisherman by hobby, tried to teach me, I remember when I was between 5 and 6 years old and while playing with my father in the sea, I swallowed some sea water. It was nothing I did not even cry, but I think, even if he never told me, that my dad got scared and gave up
teaching me. A few years passed, I didn’t go to the beach so much anymore and I was too “big” (teenager) to be playing under so much sun.

Then I started working and studying law at university, and although I felt nostalgic for those times, I only went to the beach occasionally to a party with friends or
sometimes just to contemplate. When I went to play in the water, I was only comfortable with the depth up to my chest, if it reached my neck, I would feel as I was drowning because I had this little fear inside me. My mom is more conservative about the sea, she is a little scared so maybe this influenced my phobia. My dad is always talking about the sea, and every time he had the opportunity, he would tell me: Girl, that’s amazing, it’s another world (referring to the bottom and underwater life). Hearing him say this and seeing his facial expression, I was convinced of his words, but i wasn’t to immerse myself in more than 1.5m of water.

How everything started?

Finally, about 2 years ago, during the coronavirus pandemic and my last year of college, I started to be part of a very promising project. While we elaborated the bases of the project, contracts and
finished the last subjects of the university via online, I spent a lot of time very close to the sea and was surrounded by divers and diving instructors. One of them asked me if I would like to try diving, I replied with a slightly awkward laugh: Impossible, I don’t even know how to swim. Little by little and almost without realizing it, I was feeling more comfortable in the sea. One day Norbert the director and diving instructor of ScubaCuba proposed me to try snorkeling and I as determined as always said yes, although
I did not know what I was doing. It was the first time I used fins, mask and snorkel. To my surprise and that of everyone, we made a tour of almost 2 hours in a diameter of approximately 400 meters in a sea as flat as a mirror. This was quite an event, I told everybody, but the first person I called was my dad, he was so proud… I repeated the feat a couple of times, no more. We concluded the project and was born at a difficult time for everyone, when Covid-19 was beginning its highest peak, postponing everything until a few months later.

Day of my final exam at University with my parents and brother.

I finished my university with satisfactory results and continued my work with, this time as Public Relations.

Graduation day

A few months ago I did a first discovery dive of Scuba, and I did not repeat it until September, when I started my PADI Open Water Diver course. That second “first time” was incredible. Now I am certified to dive, I do it every time I have the opportunity and every time I jump into the water, it seems unreal to me that until a couple of years ago I never imagined myself capable of diving in 2 m of water, and that I have done it in 30m depth
while I go for the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

I am very fortunate to be part of this team
with professionals so capable and committed to what they do, when you love your job it can not be otherwise.

Thank you for the patience, perseverance and affection that characterizes you, for making
me feel at home, and for giving me such a beautiful opportunity. Thanks to you, now the lawyer is also a diver!


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