Free Diving with Azul Profundo


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Every Saturday the local free diving club from Cienfuegos is practicing diving skills under watchful eye of Ernesto Solano . Ernesto alternate training between practicing skills over the vertical lines one week and having fun dives on many local shipwrecks every other week. The club exist only few months but it has great potential to grow because of it’s enthusiastic team of divers and one of the best area in Cuba to practice this sport. The sheltered bay in front of Faro Luna Diving Center is accesible from the sandy beach and within few strokes of fins you are in a beautiful coral garden. You can also dive on many shipwrecks scattered around the bay which are grown over with coral and attract reach marine life. Recently the free diving club got it’s name Azul Profundo and is welcoming anybody who wants to join and practice with this friendly bunch of divers. Check out the video from one of training session !!!

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