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Many of us were dreaming about exploring the oceans, seas and lakes to find underwater treasures and shipwrecks scattered over the bottom. Although not every shipwreck is the Titanic but many of them can have significant role in the ocean exploration. Many of those shipwrecks are so deep that they are out of reach for a scuba diver. Over the years many projects were launched to sink the ships which were at the end of their service to create artificial reef and provide excellent playground for scuba divers. Many of such projects were done here in Cienfuegos at Faro Luna Diving Center . There have been 10 ships sunk over 25 years ago in the bay providing excellent shipwreck diving opportunities for the divers diving with Faro Luna Diving Center.
Recently new opportunity arrived to sink another ship to create incredible divesite and potential for the research. Many scientiests can monitor the coral growth and fish populations around sunken vessels. This ship can be a new resarch station for environment studies in the Caribbean Sea.

Decommissioned fishing vessel ready for it’s final voyage.
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