New Covid measures starting November 15, 2021


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As it was informed at the Ministry of Tourism website last week, new covid measures will be applied commencing November 15th, 2021. These new measures will be for ALL Canadian passengers arriving to Cuba (including Cuban citizens and foreigners residents of Cuba)

The measures will be as follows

  • No 72 PCR test is needed before travelling to Cuba for vaccinated passengers.
  • Vaccinated passengers need a proof of the two vaccines doses (printed or digital copy by the Canadian Government)
  • Mix vaccines are accepted in Cuba
  • Non-Vaccinated travelers need a 72 PCR TRAVEL test before travelling to Cuba (Mandatory)
  • Entering Cuba, PCR test will be randomly selected, like any other country
  • Passengers need to have a covid cover insurance while their visiting in Cuba (available at the airport on arrival in Cuba for 30USD or with your travel agency/Tour-operator at the time of ticket purchase)
  • Cuban citizens, foreigners residents of Cuba and tourists will be allowed to travel safely all over the island and NO quarantine will be needed on arrival
  • Canadian passengers need the 72hrs pcr test before travelling back to Canada, the cost will be 30USD paid by credit card or debit visa from Canadian Banks . PCR test is done at the hotel and for other passengers not staying at an all inclusive please contact the nearest International Clinic (recommended to make an appointment for the pcr test 5 days before departure with the tour operator representative at the hotel or the international clinic itself)
  • Canadian currency is widely accepted at the majority of tourism areas in Cuba (payments with credit card and debit visa from Canadian Banks is accepted) Cash is accepted as well. For payments outside of the touristic zone (rural or suburban areas) payments will be in Cuban peso
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