Cuba: the Undiscovered Diving Destination


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What makes a good dive trip?
For me, a diving trip is when we fly to a destination mainly to dive. A bonus for our money and our time would be to have other experiences: cultural, historical, and as much other fun as we can find.
On all counts, Cuba fits the bill.

Diving fun In Cuba, you’ll never be more than an hour from the sea. Along her northern and southern shores, there are many diving areas and dive centres. Her reefs are teeming with marine life, and also historical shipwrecks from the past 500 years.
Cuban dive guides are experienced and well trained professionals who provide friendly and cheerful experiences. The dive sites are fast to access, easy to dive, and you can choose from wall diving, wreck diving, or simply enjoy the open reef that’s home to an incredible diversity of corals and marine life.

Culture and history Cuba is steeped in history and culture: her cities are full of historical and cultural attractions from the time of Columbus in the 15th century to further back before Europeans discovered this beautiful island.

Social scene Cuban bars are lively places where it’s easy to have fun. Many of them have a 1950s vibe. Good music, good rum, and good cigars are in abundance, naturally. 
Or you could hang out with super friendly and hospitable Cubans. You might even be lucky enough to be invited to a home-cooked meal.

What are you waiting for? Join us in Cuba! A week is not quite enough for all the great diving in Cuba. And it’s definitely not enough for everything else you can do and experience in Cuba.


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