Banco de Jagua


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Banco de Jagua, although hard to reach it is concidered one of the top dive sites in Cuba. It is located 25 miles offshore,southeast of Cienfuegos bay. It is a reef of approximately 6 miles in length which emerges from the deep waters without reaching the surface. It is a true Marine Park conserved with excellent marine life. Large schools of fish , sharks and turtles are frequent to this area. Generally we go to La Corona east, a site that starts about 33 feet deep and go out to the wall through several channels and tunnels. The wall is spectacular covered with sea fans and sponges going vertically down to the abyss. If you pay attention and look towards the open sea you might encounter different species of shark patrolling the side of the wall. For the second dive we go more to the center of the bank where the depth is between 20 and 50 feet . The big rock formations are the shelter to different species of sharks and turtles. If you want to join us and visit this site we are making plans to organize trip there during the week of fotosub between November 26 and December 3 ,2021.

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