Shipwrecks of Faro Luna


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Sunken ships are one of the attractions and reason for many divers to explore underwater world. Some of the divers dedicate their lives to search for them utilizing complex diving techniques and equipment to reach those in remote location and extreme depths. Most of the sinking of the shipwrecks was a result of historical battels or various accidents.
Here in the underwater backyard of Faro Luna Diving Center we have 10 shipwrecks which were sunk under controlled condition to create artificial reef. They are all in the depths between 7 and 54 m and divers of all levels and experience can visit and explore them. In the past thousands of divers have made their first wreck exploration with us admiring the coral growth which took place over several years on these ships made of steel. They can last dozens of years before the action of the sea destroys them but the coral colonies that settled on them remain with their shape for many years after.
Here are some pictures of those wrecks captured by one of our diver and magnificent photographer Yoel De La Paz.


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