Encounter with Bizarre Batfish


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During our Fall Dive Camp in Cuba I had an opportunity to see and capture pictures of one of the weirdest fish called Batfish .

These fish are bottom-dwelling and are flatted often triangular shaped similar in appearance to rays.  The largest of the Batfish species can grow up to 20 inches in length, and they lure their prey into their mouths with the help of a lure attached to their heads. Batfish prey on bottom-dwelling invertebrates that it lures into its mouth while burred in the sand of the sea bed.

Batfish are very strange fish. They look like they could walk onto the land if they wanted to. Specially adapted for life on the bottom, In many species,  the pelvic and anal fins are relatively thick and stout for supporting the body off the substrate. These fish are capable of walking on the bottom using their large arm like pectoral and smaller pelvic fins. Batfish are not good swimmers.


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