Discovery of the underwater treasure!!

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A year has passed since the glorious day when the dive team of Faro Luna Diving Center and Norbert Pietkiewicz announced the discovery of 2 iron cannons, which can be presumed to belong to the naval artillery of the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century.


Norbert Pietkiewicz and Ernesto Manzanares inspecting iron cannon

A hypothesis states that these cannons could belong to pirates (Spanish, English or French) who to enter the City of Cienfuegos, or the Villa de Fernandina de Jagua, as it was called at that time, had to remove a certain level of weight from the ships, because it was necessary to take an alternative route to the entrance of the Bay of Jagua,   which turned out to be the Arimao River. By then, the pirates usually left the cannons in the water, near the coast, in a place not very deep and with some point of reference that would allow them to collect their artillery on their return.

There is still much to investigate, and many questions remain about how and why these cannons lie there.

Just imagine how many stories this cannons hide. Don’t miss the opportunity to touch a piece of history and join us to dive the great dive sites of Faro Luna.


Researchers take measurement of cannons for study

The fact is that they are now part of the submerged heritage of the City of Cienfuegos and is a must-see dive site for lovers of history, and the warm waters of Cuba. You need to try this!!

Here are the words of Norbert Pietkiewicz, at the time of reporting the discovery:

Discovery of the underwater treasure !!!


Since I was a kid as a son of the sea captain my dreams were about the adventures related to the oceans. I was dreaming about pirates and the treasure hidden beneath the sea. I was dreaming about ocean exploration. This is one of the things which made me become a diver.

Yesterday we decided to start exploring some of the farther divesites while we are not busy with our diving clients. To speed up the search and to cover more spots we were utilizing just mask fins and snorkel doing periodic check of different parts of the coast line. As we jumped in the water and formed a line to get a better coverage of the bottom within few minutes we stopped to examine two objects laying on the bottom in less then 16 feet of water. You cannot even imagine our excitement when we realised those were two ancient cannons lying within few feet apart of each other. I could not sleep all night wondering how did they end up in such a shallow water and what ship they belong to. My dive partner Ernesto Manzanares already start looking for any information they might have in Cuban archives. Cuba has lots of diving treasure only waiting for you to discover.

What do you think about it?


Submerged iron cannon

Have you already visited this dive site? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?


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