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If you’re one of the many Canadian divers who is looking for the perfect place to scuba dive with your family, then look no further than the Carribean island of Cuba. Located 4,506 km away from Canada, this island has become a key destination for scuba diving, most likely because it has the second-largest reef in the world.
Still not convinced? Then keep reading if you want to learn about why you should plan your next diving trip in Cuba.

Diving Spots
Thanks to its massive size, Cuba has many great locations for recreational diving. Some examples include María la Gorda, Cayo Largo, and Cienfuegos. There’s even a sunken fleet from the Spanish-Cuban-American War that’s located off the coast of Santiago de Cuba and is a safe place for scuba divers.
Every location offers new opportunities to explore beautiful underwater landscapes, and you are guaranteed to have a unique experience each time you visit.

Vacation Destinations
If you want more than just diving from your diving vacation, then there are plenty of nearby spots for taking part in activities that don’t involve diving under the sea.
Take Rancho Luna, for example. Not only can you scuba dive near the city of Cienfuegos but you can also explore the city and learn more about its culturally diverse history. Places such as these truly have something for everyone!

Underwater Photography
Another benefit of scuba in Cuba is all the possible underwater photography opportunities that you have while exploring the deep depths of the Caribbean Sea.
For underwater photographers, one of the best areas in Cuba is Jardines de la Reina (or Garden of the Queen). This underwater national park is home to plenty of photogenic marine life including turtles, schools, and even sharks!
If you’ve never taken pictures underwater before, Cuba is the perfect place to start.
Every year, there is an annual International Underwater Photography Contest, Fotosub. This is celebrated every fall, ending in October at the Faro Luna Hotel. This year, this amazing event will take place on October 27th. Brush up on your photography skills, and you might just find yourself winning a prize!
ScubaCuba is made of expert diving instructors that can help you get the most out of your scuba diving experience. We offer gear and courses for all diving levels, and each instructor has PADI certification.

We have scuba diving trips to Cuba scheduled every month 12 months of the year. You can join us from any province of Canada or any part of the world for different duration , anywhere from three days to three weeks long scuba diving camps. If you can’t find the date which suits you just send us the message and we will accommodate you so you get the best diving experience you can have in Cuba.
Learn more about this, and other special offers from ScubaCuba, on our website.

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