Colony Diving Center, Isla de la Juventud

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-Channel tunnels

-Tanks: Aluminum 12 lts

-Connection: Din – Int


Most frequent questions and answers

 The largest island after Cuba, it is home to one of the most famous diving areas and the first to begin operations in recreational diving.
All forms of recreational diving, incredible vertical walls, tunnels and coral caves, accompanied by a great variety of marine species.
It takes a little over an hour to navigate to the diving area, so the departure is always double tank and includes lunch.
On the island of youth it is the place in Cuba where it is more possible to swim with the famous manatee.

This destination is a must for connoisseurs and lovers of diving in the world. In an area of approximately 6 kilometers (4 miles), the best area is located, between Punta Pedernales and the Punta Francés Marine National Park, the usual setting for underwater photography competitions, in whose backgrounds you can enjoy the beauty, the exuberant development and the great diversity of its coral reef. Area of wrecks and numerous species of fish, where diving in walls, tunnels and deep channels are a first choice. The presence of corals, with an abundance of black coral, gorgonians, sponges, caverns, passageways, mogotes and valleys, are characteristic in its different diving points. It’s a world-class destination.

Recommended dive points:  Black Coral Wall, Tunnel of Love, Blue Cave, The Hidden Passage, Magic Kingdom and The Kingdom of Sahara.

Dive center technical sheet

Contemplative scuba diving with compressed air / Day and Night dives / Excursions by boat or road / Rental Equipment / ACUC courses with International Certification / Snorkeling / ...


Dive agency: ACUC
Boats: Itabo, Audaz, Neptune (30.60 ft)
Compressor: KAP-180 Bauer.
Tanks: Aluminum of 10 and 12 liters. Oxygen equipment: Yes
Nearest hyperbaric chamber: Hospital de Nueva Gerona "Héroes de Baire", 42 km.
Dive points: 56

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