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Albacora diving center is situated in on the beach just steps away from the hotel Club Amigo Marea del Portillo. The hotel and the dive center has been a home for diving groups organized by Norbert the owner of Aquasub scuba diving center for more then 11 years. There are more then 20 dive sites including the sites around lovely little island Cayo Blanco within 20 minutes boat ride. There are also two more remote sites where the divers from organized dive groups can venture. One is called Boca de Toro in the national park. It is all day trip on the boat, fishing and diving in a park with a lunch on Cayo blanco. The second premiere dive site is 60 km away on the famous ship wreck from the Spanish American war called Cristobal Colon. The dive site is reached by traveling 60 km on the bus along sea shore and Sierra Maestra mountain and the access is from the shore.

The sea shore around Marea del Portillo is surrounded by the mangrove and with it’s calm and protective water it is a paradise for paddle boarding enthusiasts.

The Albacora dive center has approximately 30 dive sites located all along the coral reef south of our coast. Among the most important are: The tunnels of Michel, Chivirico, Tornado, Guajaibolo, Punta Farallon, Los Bisugos, Los Pargos. All with the characteristic of being located between 10 and 30 meters deep, with an average visibility of 60 feet throughout the year and a temperature of 30 degrees. These sites are dominated by all kinds of corals and fish common to the Caribbean. We also offer excursions such as Boca de Toro which lasts all day and includes two dives in the Granma National Park and a stopover for lunch in Cayo Blanco. We also offer diving excursion to the shipwreck El Cristóbal Colón, with two dives and lunch on the La Mula River, the tour is by bus and you dive from the beach. This excursion is highly demanded by all divers during which they can admire beautiful landscapes and warm waters full of history.

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Contemplative scuba diving with compressed air / Day and Night dives / Excursions by boat or road / Rental Equipment / ACUC courses with International Certification / Snorkeling / ...


Maximum Depth: 40 metros = 132 feet Average visibility: 30 mts, on rainy season 15 meters. Average temperature of water: 26 0 C. Winter: 24 0 C. Summer: 28 0 C.. Instructors: ACUC. Boats: 2 fast motor boats Taxi w/ 2 F/B Yamaha; 10 pax each. Compressor: Bauer Versiculos 4 filling takes. Tanks: Steel 12 Lts w/ connection DIN or INT.

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